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The growing needs of data transmission will soon exhaust the Radio Frequency Spectrum. The Light Spectrum is 10,000 times larger than the Radio Frequency Spectrum thus enabling LiFi to offer unlimited bandwidth.

Airplanes and Hospitals are constantly struggling with Electromagnetic Disturbances caused by Radio Waves. LiFi uses the medium of light - A ZERO Electromagnetic

Interference Technology highly relevant for applications in Aviation & Healthcare.

Radio Frequency based communications can be hacked from remote locations. Light is contained by the walls making LiFi relatively hack-proof.


To comply with the low latency requirements of machines, Industry 4.0 applications use cables and sacrifice wireless flexibility, yet struggle with electromagnetic interference. LiFi is the only wireless technology that can meet the ultra-low latency requirements of Intelligent Manufacturing.

By setting up LiFi as a mesh network, the need to have Line Of Sight is eliminated. LiFi is the only technology that can offer the entire backbone bandwidth & speed to its human user or machines.

Unlike Radio Frequency, LiFi has a larger underwater range. Naval Communications, underwater sensors, and underwater surveillance are just a few of the LiFi applications currently being explored at our R&D Lab in Germany.



Schnell LiFi HotSpot

  • The Schnell LiFi HotSpot is your first step to setting up the most advanced LiFi Mesh Network for any environment - On Land, Underwater, or in the Air.

  • The backbone either from your Switch or Router can be directly connected via the PoE slot in the Schnell LiFi HotSpot.

  • Actual Top Speed = 100Mbps.

  • “Feels-Like-Top-Speed” = 1Gbps due to the Ultra Low Latency.

  • Invisible Light Technology - Does not affect room aesthetics or any other lighting.

  • Very Compact - It is just the size of your smartphone and lighter.

  • Radiation Free - Health & Environment Friendly. Perceived as a “Green” technology.

  • Plug-And-Play - No Drivers required.







Huawei & Schnell LiFi
Re-Defining HealthTech

Schnell LiFi and Huawei have entered into a Global Cooperation for ZERO Radiation Ultra Fast Connectivity which will enable Telemedicine, Medical Robotics, and other cutting-edge health care applications that require LiFi, such as surgical rooms where WiFi is strictly regulated.

Sunshine Coast & Schnell LiFi
Exploring Smart City Applications

The Sunshine Coast Council and Schnell LiFi jointly demonstrated the applications of LiFi in a Smart City. Located in picturesque QLD, Australia - the Sunshine Coast is one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia. The Sunshine Coast, Australia shares the philosophy of Schnell LiFi - that of being a “Green, Health & Environment Friendly” Smart City.

CAHPP, France & Schnell LiFi
Investigating EMI issues in Healthcare

The CAHPP webinar held in March 2021 discussed electromagnetic fields and their potential risks especially for hospitals in France. (CAHPP was founded in 1972, it supports private or public health and medico-social establishments)

Schnell LiFi was honored to present its Radiation Free, ZERO EMI LiFi Technology products for the hospitals.



We work with several global conglomerates from the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific on different projects. In some of these, we co-invest up to 50% regardless of the project cost. If you have an interesting & ambitious LiFi project, we look forward to hearing from you.




The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, headquartered in Germany, is one of the planet’s largest R&D societies. Founded in 1949, it is owned by the Federal Government of Germany. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft operates 75 research institutions in all major cities around the world.

The majority of the organization’s 29,000 employees are qualified scientists and engineers, who work with an annual research budget of 2.8 billion Euros.

Schnell LiFi GmbH is a Fraunhofer spin-off.

We are the result of the Joint Venture between AIPC Global Headquarters in Hamburg and Fraunhofer.

Schnell LiFi GmbH is based in Hamburg, Germany

Founded in